Tuesday, 8 January 2008


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In this project we focused mainly on the way light changes the moovement of people in a certain space. People would go close to the light but not straight under it cause of the fear of being highlighted.

In this clip we observed the movemet of people
in a key are of drake circus.We noticed that people
entering the building are walking through the center of
the stairs while people leaving the building are going through
the sides of the stairs.We also noticed that the stars
highlighted by small lights that guide your way and make you feel
that you have to walk on a specific route.

drake circus light map

In this pic we can notice that the movement of people
is very close to the lights and is making people to enter the shops.
Notice the flow of people,its very steady in the middle were the lights
focuse on the walkway in order for people to notice all the shops and enter them.

light photo map
Notice the area were the bright spot lights face,
people are walking around it but still stay in the center of the
walkway in order to observe the shops

light photo map

Here we can also see that people are being repeled by the bright lights
.We can see that people prefer to be close to natural light
( light coming through windows.etc)
than to be near to artificial lights

light photo map

In this pic we notice that even though
drake circus is crowded no one is standing right
under the bright lights.The flow of the crowd
is facing towards the right were the other shops are
,where really bright lights lure them towards that way
.We can also notice that many people are coming in but not
many are leaving the space.

In this clip i am going to demonstrate a map that simulates a
path through the walkway of drake circus and focuses on
specific areas with intense lighting and wich also saws the
movement of people according to the lights that highlight
them.Finally i include a small animation that shows the
movement of people around light in drake circus.

Project by Vasilios(Billy) Bogiatzoglou and Robert Nuggent

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