Thursday, 17 April 2008

idat 101 virtual reality advert ideas and recources

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My main idea is for an interactive new technology that can be used for either means of doing art or for information or for different applications.It's a bit like a hologram touch screen that is projected into our eyes by a pair
of glasses..I am going to focus mostly on how this new technology can be used for art and applications and also the social implications that occur.Different sensors will be placed in he glasses in order to get the actions of the user.So people would just wear there glasses and move their arms all over the place,but what they are doing is probably using an application or designing something in he hologram they see in front of them.But no one else can see this hologram just the user using it.These glasses would be connected to computers that have all the data via satelites.So they could use these glasses instead of laptops and other means of computers.They could type text just by talking to the microfone that is connected to the glasses.The only thing people also have to wear in order to use this device is a wristband that m0nitors the movement of the hand around in the space.

Bellow are some photos and a video clip from the motion picture minority report that shows the 3D environment users might be using,i v also added a photo and a video clip of the device users have to use in order to use the 3D interactive environment .

glasses interface interface

In order to get that effect on my video i used the technology of a green screen that is use in most motion pictures and all kinds of special effects and CGI.
green screengreen screen
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