Sunday, 9 November 2008

Soft 131 ideas

Recently i got really fascinated by the nature of 3d, not just using a piece of #D designing software but actually being able to understand the principles of 3d just from the basics(pencil,paper), so in soft 131 together with my normal exercises im also working on an interactive graffiti puzzle game where users would be a ble to move different parts of a 3d graffiti piece in order to create something of their own. It's easy to use(just click-then the piece moves where the mouse cursor goes to and click again to place the piece). Its currently under further development because there is an issue with the speed of which users can move the mouse, too fast and the piece stays in place, but i ll get over that soon.Bellow are some photos of this idea, the first photo is a whole piece iv created and then its the same piece seperated into smaller parts so users can use them to create something new,more pieces of the graffiti are on the way though.
3D digital graffiti 3D digital graffiti 3D digital graffiti

3D digital graffiti 3D digital graffiti
3D digital graffiti

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