Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Future of art and my interactive art idea

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What will the future of art be?I mean art has always been ahead of its time or at the present or even in the past.Every artist has a time style.Either its using techniques of the past the present or the future,Art is stongly bind 2 time.There is also the use of advanced artistic techniques like technology or futurustic means of art in order to join the past with the future.Personally im interested in discovering and predicting the evolution of art in the Future.Computers are a great mean of artistic creation.Will computers steal the magic of traditonal art?Not in my opinion.As humans we've got a strange love for the past and where we come from.Personally ,for some time now , i 've trying to get away from the past and focus on the future,but that's impossible since we can only live the present and remember the past,the only thing we can do is make vague predictions.My prediction is also my personal dream.I dream of art gelleries where art is interactive.Why stick to a canvas when walls,floors,projectors,screens and all sorts of objects can be used in combination to provide an artistic masterpiece.Art is evolvin,its trying to fight the standard canvas static style and evolve into something where people can interact with the art.Personally i v got my ideas down for a room where interactive art pieces are projected onto the walls and the human interactivity with the space or their reactions creates a different output every time.My inspiration for this was the feeling of no movement.When something is not moving it's a bit like it's not alive.Final characteristic i would like to emphasize on is that when this artpiece of mine is finished it will always be unique,every single movement of the people in the space will alter the piece,i want it 2 give the feel that's it's not something i made on my own,i wanna give people the feel that they are creating art though my piece.

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