Sunday, 24 May 2009

Social networking VS Artists

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What is happening to the artistic comunity?Do we all have 2 have a facebook,myspace,twitter and other social networking accounts just to promote our work?Surfing on the internet i have noticed that most of the motion graphics work is on youtube, while online art galleries do exist people tend to promote their work through social networking websites.I have been tryin to optimize my portfolio website and blog so that can search engines can find it but is it that simple?Uploading a website and filling it with good content is no that hard if its abut something that you love,but who is gonna see it?Hardly no one.You will have 2 link them through your social networking websites because new users of Google dont know about the rankings of a website.A website gets higher rankings by being linked from a high ranking website,but if your website is new and its a personal website(focuses on something strongly related to the owner) its very hard 2 increase your websites ranking.So even if your work is amazing if people cant find you its pointless.I ve been spending most of the last days trying to increase my website's and blog's popularity but it seems that im getting nowhere.Till i posted a link on my profile on Twitter and i had loads of visitors.But is that good?Do we have to kinda beg to get our work shown?Or maybe we are not begging we are doing something totally different,we are making people do something that we told them 2.Simple thinking:imagine if you have got 8000 followers on twitter and u post a link to your website so the y can see your work,a large number of people are going to like it and probably want 2 see more.....I am just concerned because it seems that users are reducing the ammount of stuff they look for on the internet cause its already been given to them.Final concern:i said earlier about the power of twitter,but users also get to a point where they dont click on any links because of spam,some users just join just 2 make money and this is really bad towards creative people tha wanna show their art to the world.

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