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Transforming stonehouse

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Today i went for a walk with some of the members of my group(im saying some cause 2 freshers haven't appeared yet...)anyway....So we thought we d go on a walk around stonehouse and look at the area and try 2 key out certain parts of interests.I started emphasizing and taking pictures of the stonehouse plant life which is a bit strange for me because im not a huge fan of plants.

So thinking of my dislike for plants and my love for technology, i came up with the concept of a co existence between natural plant elements and technology.So something like the photo bellow.Or even a greater mix of natural life and technology like technologicaly modified bugs.

Today i visited stonehouse for the 2nd time and thankfully i met all the members of my group and i was pleased by their ideas.There is only 1 issue I NEED TO CALM DOWN! cause i v got loads of ideas and i just have 2 pick out a key element and a key area.A few maps of stonehouse
are shown bellow.

And then an old map of stonehouse.

At the moment im trying 2 focus on key areas so while i was looking at a satelite image of stonehouse i noticed a few parks . In my map im thinking of mapping stonehouse but then focusing on plantation and different uses and need for this plantation in order for me to be able to show my version of future plantation,which is rather techy.....I started mapping stonehouse trying to emphasize on where the actual materialistic and technologic life exists and where the plantlife exists.I noticed on the map that the areas with plantlife had a feeling of emptiness while the other areas gave a pulsating vibe so my main objective is to manage to integrate technology
into the actual living plantlife.

After visiting the MA exhibition in levinsky i got inspired by the way some students mapped buildings in a 3d perspective kinda view but the whole building was mapped and broken into layers so i made another version of my map.

Bellow there s a postcard/future concept of stonehouse according 2 my idea.

Thanks 2 Rich(aka cucukachoo) that managed 2 merge all the layers together we v got a final version of our combined stonehouse map.

Today's session was great.Shaun introduced us 2 the next stage and project of the module whice can either be something related 2 LED's or projection onto buildings.I m so happy about this because i am gonna choose the projection .Now my concerns : how 2 combine my ides from the first part of the module with this.I m focusing on future of plantlife and i thought of a concept that combines technology and plants in a harmonic co existence so im looking for a certain building in the area of stonehouse that will allow to show a sneak peak of the future im thinking of.I v got a few ideas about that,most apealing idea 2 me is a visualisation of "techoplants" .So a building is covered with plantlife that gets attached 2 buildings but slowly the plantlife starts 2 get attacked by nano particles that attach themselves onto the the flowers turning the flowers into robotic looking flowers.Next stages of the visualisation will probably be the actual uses of these robotic plants such as lighting , signals , screening of elements and more that i have 2 identify.For the moment i am writing my ideas and showing a few examples.

It was hard ,and i mean very hard.We got lost 3 times,it was freezing but it was wort it .Me and rich got there around 6.30 and we placed our cameras in the middle of the roundabout in order to record people ,movement and the general flow of elements using a time lapse recording.While we were sitting down waiting i thought of notating the still but dynamic action of the camera recording the time lapse so i made a stop motion of it.

While sitting there and freezing we noticed that there were 2 bus stops next to the roundabout but no timetables on them giving the feeling that the bus stops weren't used.So we came up with the idea of using the bus stops as projections screens showing feeds from a poll on our website regarding things you would never expect to see on a bus stop

After a series of photos i made a panoramic collage of the area we are focusing on

Adam went down to the area we want 2 focus on and with the help of an SLR camera and a fishey he managed 2 create 2 great videos of the area using high exposure on the camera 2 track the flow of objects particulary vehicles since people in vehicles and buses will be our main audience.

While searching for appropriate content in order 2 project and transform the bus stop i came across some very interesting images showing variations of bus stops and things that completly change the space of the bus stop or even small changes and the reactions you would normally see at a normal bus stop from people.It also gave me a few ideas for scenarios like the discoball bus stop could transform the bus stop into a club or the swing into a playground or it could affect passenger behaviours as seen on the image with the chucky dolls.

And bellow im linking another video i found showing a lego version of a bus stop which inspired me since it changes the general idea about the look of bus stops but still keeps the same principles of usage.

Locative Media:
Just got back from Greece a few days ago and i just got introduced 2 locative media.While i was remembering all the GPS i did in the first year i came across this video.

For our GPS assignment me and  my group went through town in search of fat or fit.This search was based on the idea of  fastfoods VS betterFoods(im not using good foods in order to emphasize on the fact that most shops in our days sell processed or chemically enhanced profucts).We went out with a GPS tracking device and a sound recording because we also wanted to witness any diferences in sounds from differnt shops.We noticed that the further u go down the market street peoples weight would increase and educational and cultural standards would decrease.This was also witnessed in the fast food shops down the market which outnumber the better quality food shops.Also all the fast foods were alot noisier and people were alot more rude.Bellow is the image of our GPS mapping and bellow that all the food shops we visited.The larger the red value of the rgb scale in the trail meant fatter people and more fast foods.

And bellow is my WiFi signal mapping of stonehouse.The aqua blue graphic represents the areas with the highest wifi signal interaction and the green lines represent the interaction being passed on and mobilised due to wifi portable devices such as iphones and laptops.

Arduino boards

This term we got introduced to the arduino boards in order to have the opportunity to make our projects more engaging.For example building projection could be trigered by different sensors such as motion or light sensors.Bellow i ll be showing the steps me ,Rich and Adam followed in order to learn and take advantage of the capabilities of the arduino board.First of all we had to get the arduino board to work and do something very simple such as tunr an LED on and off through the use of code.

Here is the code:

#define LED 9

int i=0;

void setup(){



void loop(){

for (i=0;i<255;i++){



for (i=255;i>0;i--){




And here is the result of the code:

After succesfully doing this me and Rich went on to write a few lines of code with the help of a tutorial that tracks the mouse cursor position and if that is hovering over a drawn rectangle made by proccesing code then the LED  would turn on.

The processing code creates the on screen sensor and then talks to arduino by sending it either a 'H', demonstrating the cursor is over the square, or a 'L', demonstrating the cursor is not over the square. This section of code below explains:
// send an 'H' to indicate mouse is over square:


else {

// return the box to it's inactive state:



// send an 'L' to turn the LED off:


mouseOverBox = false;


Ardiuino then receives either a 'H' or a 'L'. A 'H' will make the LED turn on, while a 'L' will cause the LED to be off.

And bellow are the photos of me and Rich with Arduino boards:

After this me .Rich and Adam connected a motion sensor to the arduino board since we want our projetion to be triggered by movement articularly of vehicles and humans.
And we wrote some to code to see if the sensor was working.It would change the color of a rectangle if movement was detected.
Feeling a bit more creative after this I wrote some code that would draw random rectangles on the Matrix only if the sensor picked up movement ,and the more movement would mean bigger rectangles.
After playing around with various graphics in order to come up with an idea, we went back to my idea of transforming a bus stop in stonehouse.Our idea is to project different scenarios that occur in big cities but rarely in posh areas.such as shooting ,drugs and public sex.The reason behind this is that stonehouse is very close to union street and there is a major variation in  the people and the situations that occur in these areas.So we want to emphasize on the fact that even if an area is posh and rich there are other areas less fortunate and we want to show this with a projection on a bus stop triggered by the movement of vehicles or humans.
So after considering our idea we started playing around with video footage being played in processing triggered by motion sensors.
And this is a different sensor we used.It detects direct motion in a straight line.

And here is the video of the video running due to motion trigger:

However we realised that processing is not the best way to play video so we started trying to link arduino and flash.After Adam did his magic we managed to get a 1 and 0 trace depending if the sensor was trigered or not.From there on it was a simple case of playing movie clips according to the sensor data.

So our project will be a series of videos projected onto the bus stop.The first video will be me and Rich just sitting at the bus  stop and the video will be on a constant loop but if someone triggers the motion sensor the video changes but its still me and Rich howeber this time i shoot Rich in the head.Another video will be Rich taking drugs and we are currently trying to find a video of erotic sexual activity,not pornographic!.

Video update:
All the videos have been shot.didnt manage to get a scene of sexual content but managed to record a few bad situations that could possibly occur at a bus stop.
First of all is the constant loop that shows a normal everyday day scene at a bus stop.This video will be changed if the motion sensor is activated,and the new video will be randomly selected .

The gunshot scene:

The knife cutting scene:

Taking extasy:

Taking heroine"

Aggresive taunt:

Bellow is a link to a online interactive version of our projection.Instead of a motion sensor this version works with a mouse click.The purpose of this is to demonstrate the projection and the result of the triggering(mouse clicks demonstrated motion sensor triggering)

Images from the protoype.The pics were taken in Babbage 213 since there was no equipment in order to project down at StoneHouse.The scene has been set up to represent the bus stop.

And bellow is the video of our projection,arduino and motion sensor in use.As we walk in and out of  the space that the sensor is monitoring this triggers the arduino to comunicate with flash and play a random movie.If no movement is sensored for a period of time the arduino communcates with flash and the original video loop is played.And after every random video the scene is refreshed and the video loop is being played.

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