Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Second life

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Arrrrr mateys!!!!
After a month of consideration out of nowhere we came up with the idea of a party ,but that was too easy,then we thought of a protest but that was a bit too boring so we randomly thought of a pirate treasure hunt.

Our main objectives will be to build a ship (Devil's Whore) and to sail it to the distant lands to look for treasures occasionally fight and plunder any opponents on our way with a jolly motto - "Show me the booty, matey!!" - on our lips and rum in our hands.

  • Look like a proper old school pirate
  • Build a ship
  • Recruit pirate mateys
  • Recruit female companions for pleasure
  • Get loads of Rum
  • Harass loads of people
  • Get someone to walk the plank
  • Get wooden limbs
  • Get a parrot
  • Get a eye patch
  • Find the map
  • Meet in a tavern with all the mateys
  • Find the treasure
  • And after finding the treasure have a party with live music

Screen shots:

Billy bogiatzoglou aka billy99 deanimator

Ryan Milton aka neuGeneration Nemeth

Captain Miro BlackHeart

The pirate island

Having fun while testing our ships healthy meter

Our pirate ship

Enemy pirates that started fighting us

The tresure hunt:
We all meet up at Blake coast where captain Miro Blackheart talks to us about the tresure hunt and we all get on our ship looking for clues about the location of the treasure by visiting islands suddenly we meet Ca Velde which gives us riddles we have to solve in order for him to help us finding the tresure.These are the riddles:

  • Where do pirates store their gym clothes? - Davy Jones' locker.
  • What do you get when you cross a pirate swordsman with a zucchini? - A squashbuckler.
  • Where can you find a buccaneer's bathroom? - The poop deck.
  • Why did the pirate give his ship a coat of paint? - Its timbers were shivering.
  • Why couldn't the little pirate get in to the pirate movie? - It was rated "Aarrrrr."
  • Why are Pirates such good fishermen? - They have the best hooks.
  • What did the Atlantic Ocean say to the Pacific Ocean? - Nothing. It just waved.

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