Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Idat 211 IVT project

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For this project we were asked to create a short animation in order to be projected in the immersive vision theatre.After a series of tutorials using blender i was also trying to learn the krakatoa plugin, real flow and fume fx software for my own interests.All of this software was focused on the use of particles for the creation of liquids .fumes or different states of matter like a statue breaking into sand.So after the stage of simply having an interest about these pieces of software i became obsessed and all i was doing had to do something with particles.Bellow im showing 2 videos of the very early stages of trying to learn particles.

After getting used 2 krakatoa a bit more i manages 2 get correct physics reaction on the particles

Then i fell in love with real flow a liwuid simulation software that creates particles that mimic the flow of all liquids and through the alteration of various properties u could get the effect of different liquids and then add a 3d mesh onton the particles.Bellow is a test im currently using on my new website.

After learning real flow the first idea for my project came 2 my head."What you cant see doesnt mean it is not there".Thinking of this phrase i wanted 2 create a piece that shows the interactivity of differnt elements and objects on 3d ivisible objects and the result of that reaction.After many hourse of frustrating testing and rendering i was getting close but i also wanted to use the reactions synced to music and this seemed impossible till i came across to videos on youtube that inspired me.One using krakatoa real flow and after effects and the other using after effects with trapcode form and trapcode sound keys.

After these videos i just knew it ,i wanted to make a sound visualization using particles that reacted perfectly to different frequencies.At first i went the hard way trying to do everything manually key frame by key frame, guess what?didnt work.So in the end i installed trapcode form and sound keyes.After days and days , laptop crashes ,tests and endless renders i was getting close to my goal.It took me a week to find the music for my project but i found it(special thanks to joshua bond for helping me find it).

So finally i had my 1st version of my project no where near to what i wanted to create but i was very pleased i got there.

After testing this video at the ivt i realised that it was nowhere near my final intention of the project.The quality was low, the colours were to bright ,the dome correction was wrong and there were no camera movents.Then christmas came and while i was in my room back in greece i realised i had to restart the whole project from scratch.The idea i came up with in the previous video was "burning sounds", and i continued working with this concept .After making a better version of it i was coming closer to my goal.

Pleased with my result i increased the audioreacting layers and added a camera that moved in the space of my 3d environment.

Then i noticed that closer to the end the camera was zooming to close to my objects so i changed that.

But something was wrong in my opinion i didnt like the colours and a bit of the sound reaction so i changed the colours and now its gives me more of a "Sounds on acid " effect.

Still not pleased though ,the bass reacting layer wasnt reacting as dynamic as i wanted it to.So this is the better version.

After loads of tests, tweeks , some frustration and months of rendering its all done and finished and polished and i love it.

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