Monday, 8 February 2010

Augmented Reality

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Augmented Reality:

This Project focuses on the aspects of AR(Augmented reality) which a concept similar to VR(Virtual Reality).Currently the world is full of Augmented Reality applications, instalations and games aiming at our entertainment, well being, making life and interactions easer and in general building up a huge database of information for our use.
Early stages of augmented reality :

Other uses of augmented reality focus on the link of social networking websites such as Facebook , twitter , bebo , my space etc with every day living.For example in this video twitter feeds are linked to a building and can be read on phone screens.

Linking back to my project for this module i remembered that im in love with the concept of generative art.After searching on the internet i came across a very usefull as3 application which generates lines that interact with the movement of the users hand or movement in general.

AS3 Motion Tracking from Justin Windle on Vimeo.

Another use of Augmented Reality i found was the use for promotion of films and for gaming.

Still on the net searching for material of potential influence and reference.Most examples seem the same.But i was amazed when i found this.Its augmented reality used in a magazine.Esquire magazine had a special issue called the augmented reality issue and i was interested in this because of the link made through traditional media such as a magazine and augmented reality.People have feared of the slow decrease of usage of traditional media but it seems like through the use of advanced technologies older tradional elements can be saved and implemented into our world of continuous technological evolution.Here is the video:

Another interesting implimentation of augmented reality is advertised in this video

After a series of reesearching on the internet and thinking of various concepts that probably havent been used or iplemented yet i started thinking of the use of technology within clubs and nightlife and entertainment in general and i realised that besides the use of technologies such as dj hardware and lighting and screens there wasnt loads of technology actually on the club crowd.I started thinking of how AR could be implemented in these environments.Through the development of an application for smart phones and a certain implementation of shotcodes onto club goers clothing as seen on the picture bellow.
 Amazing interactive VJ art could be expierenced by clubbers simply by pointing their smart phone on to someones tshirt that carried the specific marker.My idea for this augmented reality apllication is Ar-j.Bellow is an example of the result of the use of this application

.I also made a promotion picture for clubs to advertise the application and sell Ar-j marked clothing so clubbers around the world could expirience another dimension of clubbing.

Bellow i have uploaded a few different styles of the T-shirts that will be able to be used by the application.
And bellow is a video of 1 of the animations projected from the tshirts.

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