Thursday, 14 October 2010

Final year ideas

Ideas for Final Project ....

Digital vandalism:

Mind map

This idea of mine is based on the cultural and artistic movement of the hip hop era and mainly graffiti and street art .These forms of arts were particularly controversial due to their illigal nature. Graffiti would get prosecuted as a form of vandalism and to the general public this was the main belief. These days however graffiti is getting more and more neglected due to the fact that we live in a digital era. Amazing pieces now get produced with the use of digital software but their purpose is not to portait or showcase the problems that occur in our era. Aother major downfall is that most of the digital graffiti artists just stick to static forms of digital media or just typical animations. In my opinion graffiti should be revitalised in our days with the use of big projectors that can project on to big buildings but the projections would be based on certain live data from online feeds that relate to the area where the piece is being projected in. Imagine peoples reaction to a  projection relating to murders being shown on a road where a murder was commited ... One of the main reasons why graffiti was so popular was cause it gave the artists the ability to express themselves and their opinions somewhere where the general public could easily see. Free of charges,art gallery stereotypes and critics comments... 


VJ Instalation piece.

Mind Map:

Midi controlled animations :

I have always been fascinated with the whole concept of integrating graphics with sound but in a 100% dynamic form. Vj artists have been performing for quite some time now but only few have managed to integrate 100% dynamic visuals to their music performances. A band called sancho plan are a group of drummers that use midi drums and have dynamic coded and animated graphics that react to hte midi feeds.Bellow is a piece they did in collaboration with tokyo plastic ,a 3d animation company,.

Drum Machine Live from The Sancho Plan on Vimeo.

My main idea is a drum installation free for the general public to use where the user hits the drums and the digital graphics react with the users inputs.Every drum will be a particular loop and the user will also have the ability to select and play solo sounds.Like my previous idea my main ambition is to be able to project this on to a big surface .

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