Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Idat 313 game - Labyrinth of purgatorium

My role in this project was to produce all the graphics.The whole concept of the game was a maze in which ur a trapped soul seeking redemption.Two worlds Hell and Heaven.I started with drawing concepts for hell because i was sure of the art style for heaven already.Heaven would be very cartoony and happy with bright colours while hell on the other hand would be very dark with evil ,scary dark elements everywhere.These elements were stuff like teeth,eyes and tentacles.

Here are photos of my concepts

And here is a finalised part from hell with all the elements together

Main inspiration for this art style is the graphics in the game insanly twisted shadow planet

My main inspiration for heaven was the game super turbo action pig.

And here is a part from the heaven i created.

I also wanted to link the 2 art styles in the front screen so i came up with this.

And i also created an orb which would be a karma power up in order to stay in heaven

Term 2 remake

After careful consideration and extensive user feedback we decided to change the game and add alot more to it. We still kept the maze element but added enemies and keys which the user had to obtain in order to open the doors to the other realms.We introduced 2 more realms and changed the existing heaven and hell. The realms now consist of hell, earth, space and heaven and our enemies consist of demons , reapers , aliens and robot angels.
Here are all the realms:





And here are all the enemies.

Robot Angel:




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